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Jubilee Circles

This little book urges us to use small group power to find our way through the apocalyptic breakdown in our planet’s life-support systems. Get together with 2-6 people who yearn to address Earth’s ecological crises and we can form a JUBILEE CIRCLE. 

Jubilee Circles is a handbook and “power pack” all in one—64 pages, 4×6 in size, based on three Jubilee Circles that are up and running in Mexico and the U.S.

 What’s a Circle? Circles are both think tanks and animation cells. They are not committees. They ignite imaginations and empower each participant’s call to action. Participants are asked to measure individual and collective actions with the questions: Does it fit the planet?  Is it good for all beings?

Circles urge participants to be true to the OneEarth story.They urge us on in the challenging work of changing out of MultiEarth ways and into OneEarth’s interdependent living with all species of the planet. Circles seek transforming shift. Participants won’t settle for incremental improvements that achieve nothing more than greener MultiEarth ways.

Circles connect our thinking and acting with a deep, transforming spiritual source. OneEarth living is not possible without spiritual connection. The spiritual community of a Circle helps us keep to our OneEarth goals in the face of MultiEarth’s ruthless and aggressive ways.

Circles do nothing less than pose the fundamental choice of our time—the choice between the MultiEarth paradigm of death or the OneEarth paradigm of life. 

In the “Appendix” of this little book you’ll find a quick guide to key Jubilee scriptures for all groups wishing to use them. 


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