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First People—Kumeyaay

photo by Terria SmithWhen First People live their traditional symbols and ways, they challenge us all to OneEarth practices that our MultiEarth civilization project forgot long ago. We even claimed to be on a more advanced, superior path into modern living. This award-winning documentary on First Peoples in the San Diego region was co-produced by Michael Johnson, partner in the OneEarth Project. 

“First People - Kumeyaay”  aired three times on KPBS, during May, 2014. This film won the People’s Award at the 2014 Borrega Springs Film Festival. What motivated Michael to produce this particular story? In his own words, “This is an important project in many respects in that it helped capture some of the priceless heritage of the local Kumeyaay nation. Please pass along this message to those you think might be interested in learning about this fascinating culture. We deeply thank the local Kumeyaay tribes who participated in the making of the film and SDG&E for generously providing the funding that made it possible.” Be sure to pick up on the sense of the sacred that permeates the Kumeyaay worldview.

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