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Coming—a new film on food and agriculture choices amid climate change

Just which innovations in agriculture will corral the current industrialization of farming? Our big farms are using up the soil and water at a rate that is collapsing them, while polluting the atmosphere, soil, and water faster than they can recover?

This new film focuses in new ways of thinking that solve the problems industrial agriculture is creating, but cannot solve. Contributors include Vandana Shiva, Wes Jackson, and Bill McKibben. Interviews with these and others happened at the “Pando Populus: Seizing the Alternative” conference in Claremont, CA, early June, 2015, hosted by the Center for Process Studies and others.


Fair Trade for OneEarth: Grounds for Action

This 18 min. video has been used internationally to educate on fair trade in high schools, colleges, congregations, and informal groups. It tells the story of how an organic, Fair Trade coffee cooperative sprang up as a memorial to the massacre of 43 Tzotzil Indigenous people. In 2000, when Jubilee Economics sponsored a delegation to Chiapas, the southernmost state of Mexico, a relationship was begun with this fair trade cooperative of coffee growers, This low budget video was produce in 2003, directed by Marco Tavanti, professor at the University of San Francisco (at DePaul University, Chicago, when the film was made). 



Ecology and Economics—Colleagues, Not Rivals

Anytime we hear ecology and economics presented as rivals, the consumer and business patterns that result reinforce MultiEarth ways. All economics happens within the context of Earth’s environment. Ecological economics treats the environment and economy as friends. The result evolves business and consumer patterns enabling OneEarth living.



Eight Young People Ask UN Leaders: Why? Why Not? Why Not Now?

World leaders at the U.N. Climate Summit (Sep. 2014) viewed this video.

We want you to see it too!


Re-Source: "What is Zero Waste?"

Bob Sly is a 30-year multimedia production professional who has produced, directed, shot, and edited scores of corporate, commercial, broadcast, and documentary programs. Since 2008, he has researched and gathered interviews and footage related to the Zero Waste movement. He has also been active in the California Resource Recovery Association, Grassroots Recycling Network, Zero Waste San Diego, U.S. Zero Waste Business Council, Upstream (formerly the Product Policy Institute), California Product Stewardship Council, Citizen’s Advisory Committe to the S.D. County Integrated Waste Management Board, Recology, Institute for Local Self-Reliance, and the Environmental Stewardship Committee at San Diego City College. Bob’s YouTube channel, “Bob Sly ReSourceZW” includes presentations from renowned Zero Waste advocates and activists from around the world, as well the first four episodes of the Zero Waste video series, “Re-Source.” A feature on the MCA-I website, http://www.mca-i.org/en/art/2500/, tells even more about this gifted person and his commitments both personally and professionally to OneEarth ways.