Words for OneEarth Radicals
Tuesday, December 26, 2017 at 8:20PM
Lee Van Ham in Karen Armstrong, civilization project, radicalizing


A small group of us met to talk about our yearnings to cut to the heart of today’s crises. To be radicals in that sense. We yearn to radicalize our thinking and acting. We yearn to hone our radical skills because we know we don’t have much time to reverse ecological crises before Earth becomes uninhabitable. We yearn to converse and plan with allies who do not fear talking about apocalyptic darkness. We yearn for those allies to be bold to imagine and act on the breakthroughs that happen in the midst of apocalyptic breakdown—breakthrough alternatives that create a strong culture of life. 

While we talked, we collected key words and phrases to summarize our 90 minute conversation. Here they are with my edits. These words provide a brief beginning glossary for radicalizing our lives.

Where are you in the matter of these yearnings? Is your life or community already living OneEarth ways? Unless they are, how can you add some radicality to the conversations?

A radicalizing question by which to measure every idea, speech, and action is: Does this get us to OneEarth living or is it only a gentler MultiEarth way? A gentler MultiEarth way may feel better, but it still destroys Earth’s life-support systems. Gentler MultiEarth ways seduce us. They are not the radical path we need to keep our planet habitable.

Article originally appeared on OneEarth sustainability amid climate change (http://theoneearthproject.com/).
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