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« T.C. Porter Urged, "Rewrite It as Narrative Nonfiction" »

Yesterday a date surfaced for release of the book, “Blinded by Progress”—November 18. BUT as always, many contingencies could cause delay. Still, it’s energizing to put a stake into a date on the calendar. Let’s see what happens.

Way over a year ago, T.C. Porter, ‘nother writer nearby, read a couple of chapters of an earlier manuscript of my book. He said, “When you talk to me about these topics, you’re exciting; when you write about them, much of the excitement isn’t there.”

Inside of me a voice said, “He’s right.”

T.C. went on, “Include more of your personal story; rewrite it as narrative nonfiction. It’s a great genre for what you’re talking about.”

So I did.

Thanks to T.C., the manuscript took on more energy, became more personal, and became more honest. It’s NOT a memoir. There’s not nearly that much of me there. Just enough to personalize some of the macro dynamics going on around us that threaten Earth’s inhabitability.

In the process of putting more of me into the book, I connected dots between my life and what I was writing about. Macro dynamics such as the MultiEarth and OneEarth worldviews, industrialization of agriculture and urbanization as I experienced both in rural Iowa and Nebraska, losing chunks of my humanness and struggling to believe in the enormous capacities of my (and your) humanness, and much more.

My hope is that as readers turn the pages of the book they will be reflecting on their own lives, seeing where they are in relationship to the major themes involved in changing to OneEarth living.  

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Reader Comments (1)

Thanks Lee. Glad to help.
October 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterT.C.

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