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Measure Change in 2014 by These 5 Practices

Whether Republicans or Democrats win the House and Senate in 2014 has importance. So does whether media can facilitate civil debate between progressives and conservatives so that understanding and cooperation can be produced from diversity. Yet, whatever changes in these arenas happen in 2014, their impact matters little unless we take big steps that change the following 5 Big Practices.

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Why I Named Two Rival Worldviews "MultiEarth" and "OneEarth"

Written the way I write them, MultiEarth and OneEarth, are new words. I use them to name the two worldviews that stand at odds with one another today, though they also go by other names. I like MultiEarth and OneEarth because they immediately convey the truth that only one of the two lives INSIDE the capacities of our magnificent planet. The other requires multiple Earths—an impossibility that creates systems designed to give a minority of people most of the resources while depriving most of the people and other species of even their one Earth share.

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Worldviews, Not Just Godzilla Footprints, Determine Multi Earth Ways

Being a Multi Earther, I’ve come to see, is about much more than having an ecological footprint the size of Godzilla. More than just over-sized living, a Multi Earther lives an entire worldview that is bigger than our planet. Like all worldviews do, this one connects many parts into a big picture — the kind of picture an aerial view gives of a forest dotted with meadows. But if we limit ourselves to clicking our camera only at ground level, then we see only snapshots of beautiful trees and wildflowers. Great pictures! But not the same as aerial views. Similarly, a worldview also gives us the “big picture” in the microscopic world, making visible what our eyes cannot see. Whether telescopic or microscopic, a worldview shows countless interconnections between distinct parts. This is precisely where the Multi Earth worldview increasingly fails us. Earth, as it were, is showing us aerial view of what is happening. Scientists continually take the worldview-size pictures of all the changes underway on our planet. But others, those whose power and wealth depend on Multi Earth ways, shoot pictures with their cameras at ground level. Then they arrange those snapshots into the worldview they want us to believe because it best rewards their interests. Their result is predictable: a worldview that does not fit what is truly underway in Earth’s oceans, land masses, and atmosphere.