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Entries in Patricia St. Onge (2)


Patricia St. Onge (Haudenosaune) on Standing Together since Standing Rock

Patricia is an expert on how cultural diversity differs greatly from cultural appropriation, a difference she explains in this podcast. She also explained it to Lee after he invited her to write the “Foreword” to his book, From Egos to Eden. As a result the chapter on Indigenous peoples (chapter 7) was entirely rewritten. All of Patricia’s consulting work is culturally based. It’s deeply rooted in the concept of Seven Generations. “We honor the generations who have come before us, are mindful of those yet to come, and recognize that the impact of the decisions we’re making now will last for seven generations.” The following interview is excerpted from a conversation I had with Patricia, April, 2017, right after she had launched a module on Eco-Ministry at the Chaplaincy Institute, an interfaith seminary and community, in Berkeley, California. You can listen to the full conversation on The Common Good Podcast.

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Our Heroic Journey to Keep Earth Livable—(to be released February 6, 2017)

February 6, 2016, is the release date for my next book. Currently, in the final stages of rewrites, edits, and then indexing, I’m getting excited about its release.

If you’re feeling that the ecological crises of climates, land depletion, ocean warming, population explosion, species extinctions, and greenhouse gases are bigger than our species can correct, I hope you’ll read this book. Read it too if you’re wondering, “What more can I do?”

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