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Entries in From Egos to Eden (2)


Richard Rohr Brings Us Closer to Nature and to Our "True Selves" by Joining Action with Contemplation

In the past several decades, Richard Rohr, a priest in the Franciscan order, has helped so many of us change our picture of who we humans are in the natural world. He has urged us to see ourselves within Nature’s community of life—a view that directly counters civilization’s way of seeing us as separate from that community, even making us rulers over it.

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It's Our Inescapable Interconnectedness with All Life That Makes Peace and Nonviolence Work (M.L. King, Jr.)

King in 1964 (Public Domain)With Martin Luther King, Jr., Day coming on January 16 this year (2017), I want to honor his life with one of his quotes on our inescapable interconnection with one another. It counters the many voices in our nation and across the world that follow the egoistic thinking of separateness—separating ourselves by ethnicity or nationality or economic-social class, or separating ourselves from other species. The following is from my book, From Egos to Eden: Our Heroic Journey to Keep Earth Livable (available Valentine’s Day). This excerpt is from the final chapter which describes the end of the heroic journey when we arrive at home in a much larger consciousness than ego-thinking can engage. I follow David Korten who calls this consciousness, Spiritual Consciousness.

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