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Entries in ecology (2)


Young Americans for Climate Justice: Hope for the Future

Viewing the court proceedings on the park’s large screenIn June, 2015, the non-profit organization Our Children’s Trust, on behalf of 21 children and teenagers, filed a constitutional climate-related lawsuit against the government. The suit maintains that the U.S. government, despite knowing that the burning of fossil fuel contributes to climate change, continues to promote and subsidize its extraction and use. These actions, the plaintiffs claim, violate their “…fundamental constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property.”

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Richard Rohr Brings Us Closer to Nature and to Our "True Selves" by Joining Action with Contemplation

In the past several decades, Richard Rohr, a priest in the Franciscan order, has helped so many of us change our picture of who we humans are in the natural world. He has urged us to see ourselves within Nature’s community of life—a view that directly counters civilization’s way of seeing us as separate from that community, even making us rulers over it.

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