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Entries in Earth Day (2)


Offsetting the CO2 We Release in Our Lives: An Action for Earth Day … and Beyond

Here’s an Earth Day action OneEarth Jubilee recommends we all take to offset the CO2 we put into the air.

Some of us may be able to arrange life so that we use less energy produced by fossil fuels. Certainly, whatever way we can use less of that energy source is the way to go. But all of us have to travel some, heat or cool our homes, etc. Whatever amount we use, we can off-set the CO2 that fossil fuel puts into the atmosphere by planting trees to take CO2 out of the atmosphere. It’s not a perfect equation by any means. Trees take time to grow, and when they die they release CO2. But every day that trees grow they photosynthesize and remove CO2 from the air.

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Earth Day Love: Kisses and Promises

What’s the biggest day of the year for this website? Earth Day, of course. And this year it comes on Tuesday, April 22, or any nearby day when your community celebrates it. It’s the day we kiss the ground—just a way to show Earth we love her and feel her love back.

Just how big is this biggest day of the year for OneEarth living? The Earth Day website says: one billion people celebrate annually.

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