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Getting Beyond Dualism of Economics vs. Religion, Money & Spirituality

Dualistic thinking keeps Spirit and Matter separate in the MultiEarth view of the world. I mean really SEPARATE—with a hard bold line between them! OneEarth thinking, on the other hand, sees a world in which Matter is infused with Spirit. In OneEarth consciousness, as in quantum physics, Matter and Spirit are as difficult to separate as wave and particle are in defining light.

That gets me to how OneEarth consciousness thinks of economics and religion. For most of my life economics and religion have been as separate as baseball and gardening. It’s not true for me anymore, but in a group I met with recently some challenged my description of the economy as religion.

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David Loy: "The Market Is ... the First Truly World Religion"

My relationship with Barry Shelley has brought so many good things my way. Partly it’s because he’s a political economist with whom I’ve checked out many economic ideas. Even more it’s his desire to share with me anything he has or knows that can help me do better what he knows I love doing: working on a jubilee, One Earth economy and having it work on all of us. He’s colleagial and appreciative. He’s a good fit with his new job with Oxfam America and their work on the interface of agriculture and economies worldwide.

In addition to the article by Harvey Cox I quoted in the previous blog, Barry copied me an article by David Loy,“The Religion of the Market,” in which Loy says that it is “apparent that the Market is becoming the first truly world religion, binding all corners of the globe more and more tightly into a worldview and set of values whose religious role we overlook only because we insist on seeing them as ‘secular.’” (Note: Scholars may be interested to know that Loy’s essay appears also in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, but it is available in totality only to subscribers.)

This article, and others Loy has written, add valuable perspective for me because he writes as a practicing Zen Buddhist interested in showing the social implications of Buddhist teachings. He perceives Market Religion to have surpassed, not only Buddhism, but all the world religions in its religious impact on the world.

Now that you’ve heard from both Harvey Cox and David Loy on The Market as religion, and I’ve acknowledged how much they help me see how the grip in which the Multi Earth worldview holds us is religious, what are your thoughts? Or perhaps you’ve thought of our daily economic choices as religious ones for a long time.