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Is It Even Possible for Corporations to Rule in Favor of OneEarth Living? A Corporate Lawyer Replies

Both the previous blog and this one seek clear answers about how corporations rule the world. Corporations weave the fabric of MultiEarth ways that cover the globe—from the lifestyles of rich and poor to the stock exchanges, and from food chains to television and entertainment infused with corporate indoctrination. Without seeing clearly how corporations rule (corporatocracy), we are unlikely to succeed in our heroic work to redesign our societies and lifestyles for Earth-size living. Ecological and civilizational crises, which we can reverse, will certainly proceed if we cannot grasp that corporations function with few limits on their powers. They rule in global decisions as well as through influencing hundreds of choices in our daily lives. These blogs speak candidly: the power of corporations to structure our lives and societies is so daunting that to think of changing how corporations rule challenges us to the core.

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A Corporate Attorney Speaks to How Corporations Rule the World

Steve GehringI was shocked when I first read the book, When Corporations Rule the World. That was 20 years ago. Ever since, I’ve been asking, “Well, if corporations are the real rulers, do I want to spend much energy on the political election process? And how do citizens’ views prevail in legislation when corporations rule the legislators?” Today, the Republican leadership pursues power with a mean-spiritedness toward most citizens and Earth while rewarding wealth held by rich people and corporations. For us to counter what governments are doing, or help them do what we want them to, we need to understand what those who govern are driven by.

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