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Entries in climate change action (2)


Young Americans for Climate Justice: Hope for the Future

Viewing the court proceedings on the park’s large screenIn June, 2015, the non-profit organization Our Children’s Trust, on behalf of 21 children and teenagers, filed a constitutional climate-related lawsuit against the government. The suit maintains that the U.S. government, despite knowing that the burning of fossil fuel contributes to climate change, continues to promote and subsidize its extraction and use. These actions, the plaintiffs claim, violate their “…fundamental constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property.”

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Is Being OneEarth Maladjusted? It Feels Exhilarating! Really!

Big fossil fuel corporations, all vigorous MultiEarth fundamentalist entities, have been doubting and denying that Earth’s changing climate is happening. Or if it’s happening, it’s not caused by humans. Or if it’s caused by humans, don’t worry we’ll take care of it. At the opposite end of the spectrum are organizations of scientists and environmentalists. The consensus of science (97% of scientists globally) has joined environmental groups in describing ever more details of how Earth’s changes in climate are happening, changing bug and animal patterns, contributing to extinctions, and caused by humans. In between the doubting, denying corporations and the scientists-environmentalists reports and activism are the rest of Earth’s 7.2 billion. Most accept at some level that climate change is happening BUT DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT. Here at the OneEarth Project we think about it. A lot. Are we maladjusted?

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