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Entries in Center for Process Studies (2)


China Sets Sights on "Building an Ecological Civilization"

China is taking strong initiatives to clean the soot, toxins, and pollutants out of its air, soil, and water. Given they are also pursuing growth in their economy, the Chinese state is managing conflicting aims. Nonetheless, from within these tensions, China’s 17th Communist Party Congress announced, in 2007, a goal to shape an “ecological civilization.” Details for implementing the slogan, “Building an Ecological Civilization,” are given by the Central Committee in a 2015 policy document, “Further Promoting the Development of Ecological Civilization.” No other country has yet stated an official ecological goal as broad as this one.

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Eight Stimuli for New Thinking Ecologically

It seemed that every hour I heard something new at the conference entitled, “Seizing an Alternative,” held June 4-7, in Claremont, CA. So many people there seeking ecological living. The main answer to “Why?” this conference went like this. We know we need different policies; but policy-makers aren’t currently acting for Earth’s inhabitable future. Science has been speaking out prophetically in recent years; but too few institutions are moving at the rate science urges. The causes of the crises are accelerating, not diminishing. So the conference said: We need to change our thinking.

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