Richard Rohr Brings Us Closer to Nature and to Our "True Selves" by Joining Action with Contemplation
Monday, February 13, 2017 at 3:25PM
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In the past several decades, Richard Rohr, a priest in the Franciscan order, has helped so many of us change our picture of who we humans are in the natural world. He has urged us to see ourselves within Nature’s community of life—a view that directly counters civilization’s way of seeing us as separate from that community, even making us rulers over it.

In the 1980’s Rohr began to envision what has become the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Center has joined what many see as disconnected activities, namely, contemplative prayer with actions for justice in the world. Those who enroll in the activities of the Center continually learn how the two reinforce one another, making each one stronger.

The joining of action and contemplation impacted so many that a more intensive program of learning evolved at the Center. It’s called the Living School for Action and Contemplation. Fr. Rohr serves as Dean of the Living School.

His books are many and his speaking schedule busy. You can see them at the website for the Center embedded above. I’m very grateful that Fr. Rohr has agreed to commend my new book to readers. The book is available as of Valentine’s Day, 2017. Here’s what Fr. Rohr says about it: 

It’s widely agreed that a massive effort is needed to keep our planet habitable in this century. Less widely understood is how our human species must move beyond ego-consciousness into the greater consciousness centered in the soul, or Self, in order to be capable of that effort. From Egos to Eden clearly shows how the two energize each other, making possible new humans and new societies. It provides a compelling eco-spirituality in which Earth and soul are no longer in opposition, but poles for an integrating Uni-verse. Readers will be guided through the stages of the heroic journey that is ours to make in these decades.

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