Kiss the Ground and Affectionately Solve the Crisis of Too Much CO2 in Our Air
Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 12:41PM
Lee Van Ham in Kiss the Ground, farming, power of story, sequester carbon, soil, water

When I first watched the pope kiss the ground, I wondered why? Now I’m recommending that we all do it often. Lest you think it’s far too empty a ritual to risk getting dirt on your lips, you simply must look at a particular website. You won’t forget the name. It’s called, Kiss the Ground. I’m betting that for every five minutes you spend traveling around that site, you’ll feel more and more like romancing the ground.

Here are some quotes from the website to help arouse your flirtatious self and get into a real kiss:

Carbon is not the enemy.

We can balance the climate and feed the world by building healthy soil.

Healthy soil has the miraculous ability to sequester carbon. And it’s not just carbon storage, healthy soil leads to: clean water, nutritious food, drought resistance, and restored habitats.

Who are these people so in love with dirt? (more quotes from the website)

In the Spring of 2013, Ryland Engelhart, Co-Owner of Cafe Gratitude, heard about soil as a solution to climate change from Graeme Sait, a farming educator, at a conference in New Zealand.

Ryland told Finian Makepeace, childhood friend and professional musician, and together they began telling others about the power of healthy soil.

The inspired group of friends: filmmakers, marketing experts, restaurant owners, musicians, gardeners, designers, soil geeks, and activists began to meet once a week in Ryland’s living room, and Kiss the Ground was born.

Their photos tell you much more. Go to their website now and look at their attractive faces. Take in some of their bios— unless, of course, you can’t wait to find a patch of kissable ground.

What is their work? We started with one goal: share how awesome soil is with the world. First, we created a garden for the community where we live, in Venice, CA. Then we set about to create The Soil Story. And since we’ve worked on media, education, expanded our garden to work with homeless youth, and now we’re turning our focus to how to support farmers to build healthy soil everywhere.

They all agree to a most invigorating affirmation: TOGETHER WE CAN REGENERATE THE PLANET.

It arouses my regenerating spirit to join in and say, “Yes, Ground Kissers, I am with you. Thanks for your dirty gospel. I love it.”

And now—yup you guessed it—I’m going to leave my computer and go kiss the ground…several times.



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