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« Be Sure to Find Out What Paul Hawken Is Doing; and Here's What He Says about "Blinded by Progress" »

Paul HawkenDo yourself a big favor! Take a free eco-trip to Paul Hawken’s website (click, and you’re there). If you clicked six words ago, then you’re already embarked on an inspiring adventure that evokes all your positive energies and fills your consciousness with what’s best in you. It awakens the numinous energies in your psyche—those energies that living in a world ruled by superpowers puts to sleep—and then (keep on reading) it constellates these energies so that you feel yourself rededicating your efforts to what you’re most deeply summoned to do in this world—a summons from Earth and from the deepest, most sacred Voice that tells you about your purpose here.

When I contacted Paul about my book, I was met with graciousness about my request and gratitude for it. I told him he’d already impacted me. “In particular,” I wrote,”you value nature’s capital, know firsthand that commerce happens in the context of ecology, and delivered a commencement address in Portland in 2009 that continues to speak to me.” (You can read that address online too.) 

I continued, “As part of that “blessed unrest” you speak of, my colleague, Michael Johnson, and I have formed the OneEarth Project. He produces film and has won a couple of Emmys doing so. I write, and have finished my first book. We collaborate together, along with the thousands you speak of as being part of the largest movement the world has known. Michael will soon be producing film on what I’m writing about in this book.”

If you don’t already know about the Blessed Unrest, be sure to find out, because, if you like this blog, you’re probably part of what Paul discovered in his travels and speaking. We’re all stronger when we feel the solidarity of a great multitude wanting the right thing for Earth, people, and all species. Paul believes its the largest movement of our species that the world has ever seen. 

Here’s what Paul says about Blinded by Progress:

Blinded by Progress is a work of keen observation, a great deal of scholarship and an abiding care for living beings. There were many paths that we might have taken in the past that would have led to a better world than the one we inhabit. Lee Van Ham’s writing delineates a path going forward that does not repeat the illusions of progress. I hope it opens many eyes.Paul Hawken, entrepreneur, environmentalist, and author of Blessed Unrest and Natural Capitalism

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Reader Comments (1)

Lee Van Ham is a friend, mentor and wise advocate for economic justice and environmental sanity. With "Blessed Unrest" he has embarked on a literary journey that will have a profound impact on all who follow along with him.
November 9, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterHarry Watkins

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