"Ban the Bottle"—It's a Great Campaign that Needs Us to Help End a Rip-Off and Protect the Planet and Our Water
Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 7:59AM
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“Ban the Bottle!” It’s an action to add to your choices for Earth if you haven’t already. And BE SURE TO READ THE COMPELLING INFOGRAPHIC FEATURED IN THIS BLOG! You’ll want to share it with others. 

How’d it come to OEP? Molly Connell at Trade Machines, a business that connects used machines with new buyers, contacted the OneEarth Project with it. I liked it a lot. So I asked her some questions:

OEP: What is your motivation for your company to make this infographic available?

Molly: Our motivation is quite simple: We at TradeMachines are keen on being as eco-friendly as possible. We never order beverages in plastic bottles for company events and we also have a soda-machine to reduce plastic bottles. We sort our waste and we also have Tupperware in the kitchen for those who want to buy lunch and bring it back to the office. We created this infographic because we thought it’s the least we can do as a company.

OEP: How did you find us?

Molly: Because of this infographic, I’ve been reading on the topic sustainability and that is how I stumbled upon your “Earth Overshoot Day” article.

AND here’s the online link to the infographic  http://trademachines.com/info/bottled-water/

Article originally appeared on OneEarth sustainability amid climate change (http://theoneearthproject.com/).
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