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« Allies in Spreading the Message of OneEarth Ways »

When I heard scientist V. Ramanathan, Scripps Oceanography Institute, speak a couple of weeks ago (see March 14 blog), a woman in the audience asked him about buying an electric car. He responded gently and redirected our focus: “The most important things we can do now are not personal acts, but forming alliances with others so we multiply our impact.” It carried such urgency that I’m upping my efforts to link up with others working on the ecological, economic, and spiritual issues that are my prime focus.

One ally I’d found a few years ago is Greg Voisen. In the past month we’ve collaborated again. Greg is CEO of eLuminate which consults with businesses about changing how they think, and then, to move quickly to creative solutions. In 2005, he added a degree in Spiritual Psychology to his repertoire. Not only did this add a dimension to his consulting, it also led him to found Inside Personal Growth in 2007.

Greg recognizes that the solutions we are capable of in our work and relationships depend to a considerable degree on the awareness we are developing internally. He combines consulting with businesses that are seeking change with his exploration of human capacities and consciousness as both evolve. As the website says:

Inside Personal Growth provides listeners with high quality interviews featuring leading authors in the field of personal development. This online podcast program is curated with content from international experts in the art of transformation. 

Greg’s expertise in combining our outer activities with our inner evolution has gotten a huge boost from the 600+ podcasts he has created since 2007. He reads a book in the field, interviews the author, and posts it as a podcast to the website. I liked my the interview we had last month. It’s now Number 620 on the website and is ready for all listeners. I hope you’ll be one of them.

I know that Greg’s interviews work to spread the message of OneEarth ways. I was contacted last week by Gwilda Wyaka, Hamilton, Ontario (Canada), director of the Science and Magic radio show on the XZBN internet radio network. They’d become aware of my work through Inside Personal Growth and decided they wanted to interview me. Arrangements are in process for that interview. Just linking up with allies who want to talk about keeping Earth livable.


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