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« A Fun Conversation about OneEarth Consciousness with Gwilda Wyaka »

A couple of weeks ago a message arrived in my “inbox” from The Science of Magic Radio show. They had learned of my work through my recent interview with Inside Personal Growth and were interested in interviewing me about my recent book, From Egos to Eden: Our Heroic Journey to Keep Earth Livable.

I was simultaneously pleased and questioning. The Science of Magic? I hadn’t heard of them. I wondered: How do they work with these two worlds that civilization has put in separate rooms? It set me off like a detective. I was really curious and wanted to find out.

The first clue for the detective in me was already in my inbox. The message they’d sent to me thoughtfully included links to a couple of their recent programs. They wanted me to listen and learn about them. So, I did! And I thought: Oh, this works for me! I could see why they saw convergence in some of what I am doing and some of what they are doing. The website says more:

The Science of Magic Radio, hosted by Gwilda Wiyaka, is a syndicated radio program, dedicated to combining the science and magic of today’s dynamic and controversial topics to co-create new solutions and promote evolutionary thinking. During each episode, Gwilda speaks with experienced and respected scientists and mystics. In collaboration with these gifted people of service to the world, she weaves unprecedented leading edge information, so needed in these rapidly changing times. The Science of Magic is aired daily and internationally on the ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network www.xzbn.net. Past thought provoking episodes can be found on www.thescienceofmagic.net.  

I wasted little time in saying I was interested and they scheduled me rightaway. I really enjoyed the conversation with Gwilda. The hour flew by. So much fun. Now the broadcasting begins. It starts Saturday, April 22, and continues every other day during the following week, scheduled by the various radio networks to which The Science of Magic syndicates their work. In an email, Gwilda’s assistant sent me the following regarding the networks:

The Following are some of the Networks and Satellite Programming Providers that offer their listeners The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network programming:
America Talk Radio; Angel Broadcast Network; Canadian News Network; Digital Broadcast Network; Digital Satellite Network; iHeart Radio; IPBN Radio Network; Mutual Broadcast Network - Canada; Mutual Broadcast Network - International; Nostalgia Radio Network; Radio X - Europe; TalkStar Radio Network; TalkStream Live; The Author Network; Wiki Broadcast Network; Wiki Hamilton.
XZBN provides listeners their hosts and guests with the very best from the Network that reaches around the world 24/7/365.

But if you miss the show during the next week, no worries. You can listen to the episode anytime at The Science of Magic Radio website or at this YouTube link.

If you have further interest in the work of The Science of Magic, you can be on their mailing list.

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