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It's Our Inescapable Interconnectedness with All Life That Makes Peace and Nonviolence Work (M.L. King, Jr.)

King in 1964 (Public Domain)With Martin Luther King, Jr., Day coming on January 16 this year (2017), I want to honor his life with one of his quotes on our inescapable interconnection with one another. It counters the many voices in our nation and across the world that follow the egoistic thinking of separateness—separating ourselves by ethnicity or nationality or economic-social class, or separating ourselves from other species. The following is from my book, From Egos to Eden: Our Heroic Journey to Keep Earth Livable (available Valentine’s Day). This excerpt is from the final chapter which describes the end of the heroic journey when we arrive at home in a much larger consciousness than ego-thinking can engage. I follow David Korten who calls this consciousness, Spiritual Consciousness.

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A Holiday Message: May Egos Who Would Rule the World Become "Surprised Egos"

This message is especially for those ascending to positions of leadership in the U.S. government in 2017. Not that it isn’t appropriate also for each of us, or for those alreadly leading transnational corporations and such. End-of-year holidays have a way of taking us into moods that transcend egos for a day or two. Some center of identity in us surfaces and ego becomes subservient. This message is about expanding that brief experience into a psycho-spiritual transformation of the human. Whenever we see that mood take over our holiday, it’s evidence that a new human is possible. Each of us can re-invent in 2017 the human that we are. I’m lobbying prayerfully with pen and active feet—and also in a silence where the powers of the soul that transcend egos guides life. The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, From Egos to Eden: Our Heroic Journey to Keep Earth Livable (available Valentine’s Day 2017). It describes the “surprised egos” which save us from ourselves. May egos who believe they rule the world be so surprised.

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Indians (Standing Rock and Others) Prove an Editor Wrong—and Oh So Many Others 

Jerry Mander / photo from International Forum on Globalization website“Well, I wasn’t a rebel when I got into advertising. I became a rebel through advertising.” That’s Jerry Mander talking about the change in worldview that happened to him during his 15 years in advertising. He continues, “It was by being in advertising and realizing what advertising does in the system. I mean I can’t explain why I, unlike other advertising men, saw that as a big problem. But I became involved using those techniques to help, you know, environmental groups and anti-war groups and civil rights groups, using advertising as a technique to help them.”

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The Heroic Journey That Returns Alt-Right Extremist Thinking to the Margins

The world as seen by Alt-Right views depletes the life that the OneEarth worldview describes. So many rightwing, dehumanizing views have come through the media coverage of the 2016 election and its results, that OneEarth people could become exhausted in critique. So, here’s a suggestion: practice being a 20-80 person. That’s 20% energy and time in critique and 80% energy and time acting toward and speaking for OneEarth living. Since it’s easier to speak about what’s bad than what’s good, does the following help with the 80%? It comes at the start of the last chapter in my next book, From Egos to Eden, where I describe arriving at the conclusion of a heroic journey—the heroic journey to keep Earth livable. Is this heroic journey not even more important for us in a Trump presidency and in an era when Alt-Right extremism is crowned as a point of view to be considered alongside other points of view rather than treated as thinking that belongs on the margins of human choice?

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The Haudenosaune People Impart a Saving Message

On this eve of Thanksgiving Day, 2016, thinking of where we are ecologically with our country and planet, I want to read again the words of the Haudenosaune people delivered to the United Nations in 1977. Given that the history of Thanksgiving is for Native Americans one of betrayal and bloodshed, I wish to hear them say what they bring to current efforts of all who work to keep Earth livable. The following is excerpted from my forthcoming book (available February 14, 2017), “From Egos to Eden.” In 1977, at the United Nations Conference on Indigenous Peoples, the Haudenosaune presented “A Basic Call to Consciousness, the Hau de no sau nee Address to the Western World.”

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Is Regaining the Power of the Eden Story Important for Today?

Jeff EdwardsSome time ago I asked Jeff Edwards, a friend from days past whom I’d not been in touch with for awhile, whether he’d be willing to take a look at my book manuscript and comment on it. The book, From Egos to Eden (available February 6, 2017), opens with a chapter on the Eden story. But then goes on to talk about the civilizational and ecological crises we are in as a summons to a “heroic journey,” the name for an overall story structure popularized by myth-master, Joseph Campbell (See his Hero with a Thousand Faces, 1949). The subtitle is Our Heroic Journey to Keep Earth Livable. I am both surprised and pleased that Jeff focused his remarks on Eden.

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Words that Describe This OneEarth Website! Which Do You Use?

How can a person who does not know about this website find it? Or let me say it another way, if you were looking for a website(s) on the topics covered here on “The OneEarth Project,” what words and phrases would you type in, hoping the mysterious search engines would get to a site where you’d go, “Wow! Just what I was looking for!” I want your help. Send me an email, lee@jubilee-economics.org, with your suggestions.

Words I’ve thought of follow. But some of them, though accurate, name emerging thinking. I like the words, but if they don’t help people find us online, then other words need to be used.

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