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Teaching Important Ecology Choices in Adult Forums at St. Paul's Cathedral (Episcopal)

David TremaineEarth is pushing back hard on so many fronts of civilization’s activities. We need people from every sector of society on board to reverse climate change, to reverse soil and water degradation, and to reverse species extinctions. Faith communities could be key. They have yet to rise to anything resembling the stature their best teachers tell them is possible. Faith communities have lots of direct people contacts—weekly worship audiences and various weekday groups. This gives them many chances to talk about ecological themes crises and faith-based actions.

I recently participated in the Sunday Adult Form at St. Paul’s Cathedral (Episcopal), San Diego.

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The Launch of "Eco-Ministry for Life on Earth" Course

Eco-spirituality is a core element in Earth-size living. So it was a special experience to be part of launching the Eco-Ministry program at the Chaplaincy Institute, an Interfaith Seminary and Community in Berkeley, California, this past April. The Institute structures units of learning in 4-5 day modules. The “Eco-Ministry for Life on Earth” module included among its faculty a rich mix: two Indigenous women, three scientists, a theolgian, and a spiritual director. Rituals and interactive experiences add lots of opportunity for our right brains to be engaged.

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Richard Anthony’s Answers to 5 Questions Retrain Us for Zero Waste Living

A few years ago I heard Richard Anthony speak at a seminar. It was not difficult to recognize quickly his knowledge about reducing waste to zero, and his passionate commitment to making it happen. Richard heads Richard Anthony Associates, San Diego, where the goal is “to design and produce zero waste programs that create jobs from discards” www.richardanthonyassociates.com/index.html. Richard is in the thick of retraining societies, businesses—all of us—moving us from a disposable, MultiEarth way of thinking to loving the one planet we have so much that practicing zero waste is the socially acceptable thing to do. He is part of the Zero Waste International Alliance.

In this blog interview, Richard tells us how we can move to being zero wasters and advocate for the policies that help get our world there. His answers are a great follow through on this past Earth Day (April 22, 2017)!

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A Fun Conversation about OneEarth Consciousness with Gwilda Wyaka

A couple of weeks ago a message arrived in my “inbox” from The Science of Magic Radio show. They had learned of my work through my recent interview with Inside Personal Growth and were interested in interviewing me about my recent book, From Egos to Eden: Our Heroic Journey to Keep Earth Livable. I was simultaneously pleased and questioning. The Science of Magic? I hadn’t heard of them. I wondered: How do they work with these two worlds that civilization has put in separate rooms? It set me off like a detective. I was really curious and wanted to find out.

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10 Ways Rallies and Marches Can Move Us toward a Better Planet

credit: Alma Sheppard MatsuoRallies and marches have increased since the U.S. election of 2016. This month alone, major marches and rallies are planned on Saturdays, April 15, 22, and 29. A Tax March on the 15th, Tax Day, aims to tell Trump that 74% of the public want him to release his taxes. In addition to the march in Washington, D.C., satellite marches will be held around the country. A March for Science is scheduled for April 22, Earth Day, in Washington, D.C., with satellite marches around the country. Check online to see what your area is doing. Then, a week later, a People’s Climate March is scheduled in Washington, D.C., and again satellite marches will be happening around the country. I’ll be at the one in Oakland, CA. Juanita, my spouse, has been actively involved in planning the one here in San Diego. Last Saturday I went with her to my first ever “Art Build”—a gathering of people for a day of creating butterfly and sunflower placards with ecological messages. Banners were being painted. Drums being built and drumming practiced. Lots of fun and conversation in anticipation of a big day of speaking with Earth instead of against her.practiced. Lots of fun and conversation in anticipation of a big day of speaking with Earth instead of against her.

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Allies in Spreading the Message of OneEarth Ways

When I heard scientist V. Ramanathan, Scripps Oceanography Institute, speak a couple of weeks ago (see March 14 blog), a woman in the audience asked him about buying an electric car. He responded gently and redirected our focus: “The most important things we can do now are not personal acts, but forming alliances with others so we multiply our impact.” It carried such urgency that I’m upping my efforts to link up with others working on the ecological, economic, and spiritual issues that are my prime focus.

One ally I’d found a few years ago is Greg Voisen.

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Ecological Events Accelerate Despite Washington, D.C.

The current Republican leadership in Washington, D.C., is pulling the nation out of essential and responsible agreements on the global climate whose changes are destabalizing shores, weather, and food supplies. The folly of it has foreign governments immediately stepping into the vaccuum of leadership the U.S. withdrawal is creating. Multiple countries are gaining economic advantage and showing themselves to be reliable friends even as the U.S. loses both.

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