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OneEarth Book Party Invite: 3 Authors and Their New Books

Three Authors invite you to a triple book launch of their 2017 books.

Richard Lawrence  Cheryl Johnson  Lee Van Ham 

Which of these books would you like to learn more about? 

Just click on that cover.

Please Join Us at the OneEarth Publishing Multiple Book Party

Sunday, November 19, 2017, 2:30-4:30

Readings by the authors

Raffle for free books


Discounted copies of books; authors will willingly sign

David Wogan

Emceed by David Wogahn, president of AuthorImprints, an award-winning self-publishing services company, who helped all three of us through the labyrinth of independent publishing to where we have three beautiful books.

Christian Fellowship United Church of Christ
1601 Kelton Road
in San Diego’s Emerald Hills neighborhood


Getting Beyond the Current Crises of Capitalism and Civilization

Ulrich DuchrowA search is on—all around the globe! The crises of the early 21st century in economics, ecology, and government reveal lethal flaws in the current systems of civilization that fundamentally bring death instead of life. As these crises persist and intensify, the search for alternatives also gains energy and excitement as models are found that sustain life. Authors Ulrich Duchrow and Franz Hinkelammert contribute greatly to our search in their book, Transcending Greedy Money, subtitled, Interreligious Solidarity for Just Relations. [NOTE: HEAR ULRICH DUCHROW on SAT., NOV., 4, 9am, in San Diego, in a presentation, “Interreligious Critique of Capitalism: Looking for Earth-size Living.” Contact lee@jubilee-economics.org for details.)

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"Ban the Bottle"—It's a Great Campaign that Needs Us to Help End a Rip-Off and Protect the Planet and Our Water

“Ban the Bottle!” It’s an action to add to your choices for Earth if you haven’t already. And BE SURE TO READ THE COMPELLING INFOGRAPHIC FEATURED IN THIS BLOG! You’ll want to share it with others. How’d it come to OEP? Molly Connell at Trade Machines, a business that connects used machines with new buyers, contacted the OneEarth Project with it. I liked it a lot. So I asked her some questions:

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The Dangerous Support by Some Churches of Empire and U.S. Bullying Instead of Following Jesus

Wes Howard-BrookWatching people do harm and deliver hate in the name of their faith can be incredibly painful! It hurts so many to see people standing in their faith while justifying the bullying of the current administration in Washington, D.C. I feel great pain too when I read U.S. history—churches and people of faith have been leaders in U.S. domination. This blog explains why this abuse happens. It also explains why it’s NOT the way of Jesus.

Jesus is universally admired as a spiritual, political, and economic genius. He rejects so much of what church people embrace. He lived irrevocably committed to the way of truth however it sorted out life, the way of love with the guts to approach “enemies,” and the way of interdependent relationships with all beings.

Today we also see some church leaders standing strong in resistance—standing up to white supremacy, standing with Native Americans, standing with “undocumented” immigrants, urging the removal of racists symbols such as monuments to the Confederate rebellion to the United States.

But alas! We also see too many who identify as Christians defending the bullying of U.S. empire now embodied in Trump and so many others in his administration and party. They give their blessing despite the moral barrenness in those they bless.

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Is It Even Possible for Corporations to Rule in Favor of OneEarth Living? A Corporate Lawyer Replies

Both the previous blog and this one seek clear answers about how corporations rule the world. Corporations weave the fabric of MultiEarth ways that cover the globe—from the lifestyles of rich and poor to the stock exchanges, and from food chains to television and entertainment infused with corporate indoctrination. Without seeing clearly how corporations rule (corporatocracy), we are unlikely to succeed in our heroic work to redesign our societies and lifestyles for Earth-size living. Ecological and civilizational crises, which we can reverse, will certainly proceed if we cannot grasp that corporations function with few limits on their powers. They rule in global decisions as well as through influencing hundreds of choices in our daily lives. These blogs speak candidly: the power of corporations to structure our lives and societies is so daunting that to think of changing how corporations rule challenges us to the core.

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A Corporate Attorney Speaks to How Corporations Rule the World

Steve GehringI was shocked when I first read the book, When Corporations Rule the World. That was 20 years ago. Ever since, I’ve been asking, “Well, if corporations are the real rulers, do I want to spend much energy on the political election process? And how do citizens’ views prevail in legislation when corporations rule the legislators?” Today, the Republican leadership pursues power with a mean-spiritedness toward most citizens and Earth while rewarding wealth held by rich people and corporations. For us to counter what governments are doing, or help them do what we want them to, we need to understand what those who govern are driven by.

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With U.S. Abdicating Leadership on Climate, Is Any World Leader Likely to Give This Speech? The Podium Waits

Imagine for a moment that world leaders in government and business have come under the spell of the mystique of the natural world and Earth so strongly that they move beyond the mystique of their country, products, and profits. And imagine a global forum of these leaders at which they take turns at the podium to talk about how the mystique of Earth is impacting them and their work. It could be a United Nations Assembly or the World Economic Forum at its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. The audience includes leaders of nations, an array of women and men who are CEOs of business and finance, leaders in academia and religion, and lead‐ers of nonprofits. Speeches tell about the mythology of Progress that encircles the globe and manifests as increased technology and consumption of goods in more countries. The U.S. president, after speaking of the needs of a rapidly growing human population, the desire to foster strong economies, and the wellbeing of citizens, speaks to how our decisions are impacting Earth, our common home. The president continues:

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