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Interviews, Workshops, Exhibits, Free Copies, Book Groups

Our activities work with you to create OneEarth societies that include all creatures and to live Earth-size lives.

March 10-11, 2019—Lee Van Ham will lead a workshop on Saturday, March 10, the first weekend of Lent, and give the homily in worship on March 11, at Trinity Episcopal Church, Santa Barbara, CA. The Lenten theme at Trinity is “Embracing Transitions: Humanity at the Crossroads.” The workshop is “Relocating into the OneEarth Paradigm.”

Lee Van Ham offers 1-6 hour workshops on “Retraining Ourselves for OneEarth Living.” He is also available for presentations in diverse venues on themes from his books. Contact him at (619-528-8075 or lee@jubilee-economics.org). His books are: 

Jubilee Circles: Help Save Life on Our Planet (2017)

From Egos to Eden: Our Heroic Journey to Keep Earth Livable (2017)
Blinded by Progress: Breaking Out of the Illusion That Holds Us (2013)


Events Calendar


March 9-10 - at Trinity Episcopal Church, Santa Barbara. Lee Van Ham led a six hour workshop on “Embracing Transition: Relocating into the OneEarth Paradigm,” followed on Sunday by the homily in worship and an after-worship conversation with the speaker. The weekend launched the Lenten theme “Embracing Transition: Humanity at the Crossroads.” For the first 4 Sundays of Lent, after-worship hours were scheduled on 4 topics with worksheets prepared by Lee and local host Jean Alexander.

Some 2018 Highlights

Lee Van Ham traveled in the Chicago area and Lincoln, Nebraska, for the following events.

June 26 - “Jubilee Circles in Mexico” at Windsor Park, Carol Stream, Illinois. Host Jack Swanson.

June 27 - “Jubilee Circles: Guide to OneEarth Living” at Lombard Mennonite Church. Host Frank Goetz and the West Suburban Peace Fellowship

July 3 - “Inter-Dependence Day: Earth’s Urgent Invitation.” Lee was joined on this evening by Lauren (daughter). They were hosted at the home of Tom Pappas and Laurel Van Ham.

October 11 - Lee and Michael Johnson at St. Andrews Lutheran Church “Keenagers” luncheon on “Updating Our Discipleship: Earth’s Urgent Call”

Other Activities

The Science of Magic radio show on the XZBN Network — Host Gwilda Wyaka engaged Lee in a lively conversation that you can hear here, https://youtu.be/y7pd9c12H4M

The Science of Magic episodes are always featured on The ‘X” Zone Broadcasting Network: www.xzbn.net. Your episode will run at least every other day for a week usually starting the Saturday after we record. The schedule is located on the front page of www.xzbn.net. We are the purple “TSOM” on the schedule.

The Following are some of the Networks and Satellite Programming Providers that offer their listeners The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network programming:

America Talk Radio; Angel Broadcast Network; Canadian News Network; Digital Broadcast Network; Digital Satellite Network; iHeart Radio; IPBN Radio Network; Mutual Broadcast Network - Canada; Mutual Broadcast Network - International; Nostalgia Radio Network; Radio X - Europe; TalkStar Radio Network; TalkStream Live; The Author Network; Wiki Broadcast Network; Wiki Hamilton.


It’s Podcast #620! That means that Lee was the 620th interview that Greg Voisen has conducted with authors on his program, Inside Personal Growth. Greg is a creative consultant and thought leader in the human potential movement. He interviewed Lee in March, 2017, about the personal growth themes in From Egos to Eden


See reviews for Lee’s two books by finding them on Amazon.com and then scrolling down to “Customer Reviews. 


Several people have asked their local or college library to order a copy of Lee’s books. Some have agreed. Would you be willing to recommend Blinded by Progress and From Egos to Eden to your librarian?

Goodreads.com … sometimes free copies

With over 20 million members, Goodreads is a place where readers and books meet. Watch for reviews of Lee’s books there as readers make their comments. Use this link to go to Goodreads. Lee has participated in Goodreads Giveaways on a couple of occasions.


An excerpt from the book From Egos to Eden has been submitted to Finelines magazine and is awaiting publication in an upcoming issue.

Book Groups

The books lend themselves well to book groups and discussion. Every chapter concludes with a segment entitled “Ponder, Discuss, Act.” Would you be willing to form a reading group using the book From Egos to Eden? A number of groups used Blinded by Progress when it came out in 2013.











































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