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Lee Van Ham • Author, Director of Jubilee Economics 

Lee Van Ham headshotLee Van Ham

Lee currently focuses his work in a book-media project on a One Earth economy and story that contrasts with the Multi Earth versions currently guiding most of the world. The shift to One Earth living requires a transformational change in human consciousness that he aspires to himself.

Born on a farm in Iowa, he left the farm to attend Wheaton College, Princeton Seminary, and McCormick Seminary, was ordained in the Presbyterian Church USA, 1967, and proceeded to pastor in three churches: Elmhurst, IL, Lincoln, NE, and Wheaton, IL. He retired at age 58 and joined others in forming a non-profit on an economics of sustainability and the abundance of enough, named Jubilee Economics.

He and his spouse, Juanita, have grown children, four grandchildren, and live near San Diego. They love being in nature, tent-camping, hiking, listening to music, dancing, bicycling, art, and coffeehouses.

Email Lee Van Ham. Follow Lee @LeeVanHam.

Michael R. Johnson • Documentary Filmmaker, CEO & Executive Producer – EPICo

Michael Johnson headshot in dark shades, looking all badass.Michael Johnson

Michael is a multiple Emmy Award© winning producer with more than 20 years of experience in various forms of media production. Michael’s work in television includes a variety of programs, documentaries and commercials. With a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Television Production, with an emphasis in education, and Master’s work in Educational Technology, Michael has focused much of his career in the realm of new media. Specifically, Michael has overseen the design, development, and production of numerous award-winning interactive programs that fuse education and entertainment into one seamless experience. Michael has worked with large international and Fortune 500 companies such as Ford, General Motors, Sony, Lucent Technologies, Daimler-Chrysler, IBM, Toyota, Fiat, Steelcase, Raytheon, and Peregrine Systems. He serves on the advisory boards of two postsecondary educational institutions, has presented at the Association of Educational and Communications Technologists on the subject of “Screen Aesthetics and Design Theory,” and is a founding member of two non-profit enterprises. As CEO of Industrial Strength Television, Inc., and Moving Pictures, Inc., he is a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the International Documentary Association.

Email Michael Johnson. See his LinkedIn profile.