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Contributing to the Quest for OneEarth Living

OneEarth living is sustainability in practice. Let’s reverse global warming and stabilize climate change through permaculture, organic farminggreen energy, and all things Earth-size.

No matter how obvious it is that we have only the one planet we are living on, we Americans live and plan as if we have five. The math doesn’t work. We know it, and yet we’re mesmerized by technologies new every day and a story of progress “taught” us by ads and speeches of possibilities and profits.

All of creation depends on our species maturing into OneEarth consciousness from which our love for all species and Earth move us to do what MultiEarth consciousness can’t. 

The terms OneEarth and MultiEarth name two different ecological footprints, two opposite ways of viewing reality, two contrasting ways of thinking and acting, and two different ways of organizing businesses, governments, congregations, schools, and households. OneEarth ways use only the resources of one planet. MultiEarth ways use more resources than one planet supplies, fueling aggressive behaviors everywhere and generating conflicts in pursuit of more than their/our share of our planet.

OneEarth living and policies flow as solutions to our 21st century crises. BE SURE TO SIGN-UP for free emails in the righthand sidebar. By request, we’ll send you FREE a minibook, Jubilee Circles. It’s full of thoughts and actions for OneEarth living. THANKS TO ALL WHO’VE ADDED COMMENTS AFTER SOME BLOG POSTS. Share your actions and ideas with us! Contribute to a productive conversation.

You can email Lee or Michael.

Lee is @leevanham.